July 1, 2022

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Malaysia news kini

Radicalizing Hindu Majority:Real threat to Muslims across India.

Ever since ,his re-election in 2019,Narendra Modi has upped the ante on the Hindu majoritarian philosophy of making India a Hindu state and emboldened by tirades of the Hindu first view of Bhartia Janta Party (BJP),the arms length vigilante groups attached to India,s ruling party play a significant role in asserting the new order.

The speeches and atrocious hate crime by these vigilantes offer a daily reminders to the Muslims across India of the new chain of command in India ,where Muslims can at best hope to be second class citizens.

Apart from genocide calls in Haridwar,a Dharam Sansad ,in Dec 2021 and in a Hindu Mahapanchait at North Delhi’s Burari grounds,on 3 April 2022 the Hijab row in Karnatka and now ban on sale of Halal meat in South Mumbai ,Maharashtra during Navratri,a Hindu festival and calls for boycott of Muslim traders across Karnataka have been a wide reminder to almost two hundred million Muslims in India as what is their place in the Hindu majority country.

The real threat to Indian Muslims has emanated from the radicalizing Hindu majority fueled by the increasingly brazen ,violent anti Muslim bigotry of Modi,s own party BJP.

Here is a reminders to the readers as reported by clarion India as to what extent and what speed the Hindutwa groups have gone to subjugate Muslims and deprive them of their rights to earn livelihood and live a dignified life in the society most recently .

In a press conference held on 31 March 2022,more than eight Hindu organisations in Bengalaru came together to call for ban on Halal meat .

The management at Hosa Marigudi temple in Udupi district stopped Muslims from taking part in an auction for stalls and shops on March 18 of this year for the annual “Suggi Mari Pooji”to be held in the temple on 22-23 March.A number of Muslim traders alleged that they were asked to leave the premises in the temple fair by members of the Hindutwa groups.

Posters have been printed and published by Bajrang Dal asking Hindus to avoid doing business with Muslim vendors during Ugadi.The same was published on the Vishwa Hindu Parishad face book page stating that “Halal is dedicated to Allah,which can not be offered to Hindu God,so boycott all Halal products “MLA and members of BJP are tweeting “No more Halal products for Hindus,let us fight United against economic Jehad”.

Many Hindutwa adherents believe that Urdu is a language spoken only by Muslims in India.Urdu description on packages of crispy snacks popular in India are banned to buy due to pressure by Hindutwa radical organisations.

Hindutwa fundamentalists have also resorted to violently laying claim over public spaces as part of the celebrations, carrying out armed rallies in Muslim dominated areas ostensibly with the intention of intimidation the minority community.

Indian tendency generally remains one of lauding its ties to the world of western democracies, how may it justify to that world how forces inimical to secularism now seek to eject Muslims from India’s economic life.